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Genesis Media Website  

After Genesis Media merged with Altitude Digital, I completely redesigned and developed the Genesis Media website with a custom WordPress theme from scratch, using SASS, jQuery, and Foundation 6.

Behind the scenes, the website uses a custom installation of Mautic, an open source marketing automation platform that I deployed and managed on our own servers. This handles all form submissions, user tracking, and marketing automation functions. I also utilized Google Analytics and our own instance of Matomo to gain insights about visitors.

Implementation Guide for New Enterprise Partners
I also created a web app for on-boarding new enterprise parters using the Genesis SSP. With this app, partners could enter their basic information, whitelabeling preferences, domain settings, and initial demand tags. The app used JavaScript validation and progress bars to indicate how far along the process a user was. It also included the ability to save progress in the browser’s local storage, or export/import a JSON file to populate the fields. When I user was complete, the form would submit to a PHP script on the backend that would upload their configuration and images files to a folder in our company Dropbox, as well as send out email notifications using Amazon SES.

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