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Altitude Digital Web Site  

As Senior Designer at Altitude Digital, I was responsible for redesigning and maintaining the company web site, among many other things. I designed and developed the website as a WordPress theme using Foundation, SASS, jQuery, and several PHP customizations.

The site included many custom, interactive pages and campaigns, such as…

The Programmatic Video Calculator
This interactive calculator calculates the cost and savings of video advertising platform fees based on impressions, CPM, and other variables. Click here to see it in action.


The Programmatic and Mobile Video Advertising Quizes
These campaigns quizzed visitors on their knowledge of programmatic and mobile advertising. The highest scoring users were awarded prizes like bluetooth speakers and branded t-shirts. Click here to see the Programmatic Quiz. Click here to see the Mobile Video Advertising Quiz.


Scratch and Win Campaign for Sponsored Shows
For this campaign, we printed and passed out scratch tickets at the Westword Music Showcase,  Big Gig events, and Harvest Ball music events. Visitors would scratch off their ticket, go to the landing page on their mobile device and enter their code to see what prize they won.


The Altitude Digital Employee Store
I also designed a section of the website for employees to redeem points they earned for company swag items, including jackets, t-shirts, socks, notebooks, energy drinks, water bottles, and more.


Case Studies
The website also included some case studies with partners like Daymond John from the Shark Group.


Optimized Landing Pages
I designed several landing pages for ad campaigns we conducted in publications like MediaPost and AdExchanger.

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